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Floofy What?

30 Aug 2016 . category: Life . Comments
#Humor #Fun #Nicknames #Floofy #Hayw1re

While working on projects with classmates, people would see my GitHub handle and ask me what a Floofydugong is. Explaining to people the story behind my username was extremely difficult. The first half of the battle was explaining what “floofy” meant, and the second half of the battle was convincing to people that a dugong was a real animal.

That experience inspired me to write a blog post that details the usernames I’ve used and the stories behind them. So if you’ve ever been curious about what Floofydugong is, here’s where I tell it all!


  1. Username: Pokejon616 Story: This was my first username ever! It’s Supposed to be a pun on Pokemon and just includes my birthday tacked on at the end. The “Jon” portion is actually supposed to be spelled “J-O-H-N”. I’m not a Jonathan 😀 This was used for AIM, MySpace, Neopets, Xanga, and all things embarrassing from the 90’s.

  2. Username: Breakdancer616 Story: I used to be a wannabe breakdancer, but the furthest I ever got in my breakdancing career was making this username for MySpace. If you look hard enough, you might be able to find some videos of me “breakdancing” online…

  3. Username: Fergyloverslover Story: This one is the strangest one for sure. TL:DR; “Fergy” was a word a friend really enjoyed using (there’s more to this, but it’s pretty gross lol). She then created a username called fergylover. As a joke, I created to username that just tacked on lover at the end, creating “fergylover’s lover”. Despite the strangeness of the name, this is the username that I stuck with the longest. 😮

  4. Username: KuHero616 Story: The “Ku” portion is actually a slang way to spell the Vietnamese word “Cu”, which stands for little or small. The Hero portion/birthday part was parts tacked on by me. Together, it was meant to be read as the “little hero” 😛 This was my gamer tag used during my horrible career as a Counter Strike 1.6 player.

  5. Username: Floofydugong Story: My friend in college had a username he created a while back called Floofyseal. “Floofy” is essentially a crude misspelling of “fluffy”. As a joke, his roommate a few other people in our dorm created “Floofy” names. The only requirement was that you had to include a sea mammal to carry on the theme. There’s actually one guy who broke that rule. I won’t mention his real name, but you know who you are FloofyDoug!

  6. Username: Hayw1re Story: The story behind this is actually in the About Me section on my blog. That pretty much sums up where this name comes from. I liked this name a lot because it really matches my style of gaming, which includes lot of clicking and lots of panicking in DOTA 2.

Honorable Mentions

This list wasn’t completely exhaustive, but here are a few honorable mentions that didn’t make the cut:

  • theHero
  • theOne
  • theXFactor
  • Full.Gradient
  • ReW1red

What are some of your past usernames? Let me know what you think below!


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